The Unauthorized How I Organize My Junk – Jewelry

29 Oct

So I guess I’m kind of stealing Megan’s idea, but hey, it’s all good, let’s just pretend like this was planned.  I was going to do my own makeup organization post until I realized it was always just stuck in a bag, then I read Meg’s post and realized I had an extra jar, so I threw the stuff I wear on Sundays (pretty much the only time I wear makeup) into it and it is now sitting on the bathroom counter.  BUT I couldn’t really post about that because it is the same as Megan’s and therefore boring.  Thus, I decided on a jewelry post.  Here it is.

As you’ve probably noticed by now, I don’t have a lot of jewelry. I guess I have kind of a minimalist approach when it comes to that, although I think the reason for that is twofold: first of all, I think it’s been established that I don’t have tons of money to spend on clothes. Therefore, when I do go shopping, buying accessories (particularly jewelry) is low on my list and I usually don’t end up getting anything I like. Secondly, I think I look kind of ridiculous in it. I think it makes me look unbalanced and/or awkward. Either that or a say it gives me a headache (like necklaces). Who knows if it really does.

Anyway, needless to say, my jewelry collection is quite small. I think I should get rid of some of the stuff I have but don’t really like or wear to make room for any new pieces I wanted.

As it is, here’s the setup:

I keep it in this box. I don’t know where I got this box, but I love it.

When you open the box, the first thing you see is my giant necklace. I don’t really like that, but that’s how it is.

Under that, you can see that I put necklaces, rings, and a pair of big earrings I haven’t worn yet because I don’t know what to wear them with, but keep for nostalgic value in there willy-nilly. In those two clear boxes I have the rest of my earrings and charms for a bracelet I never wear.

About that bracelet… I kind of love elements of it, and I actually used to wear it a lot once upon a time, but then the anchor kept getting hooked on things and bending out of shape and, well… And I have all these charms that could go on it, but I don’t know, I don’t like all of them.  Most of them I got in church so they are weird ones like a cheesy family tree and whatnot.  Maybe wearing charm bracelets just isn’t my thing. But I can’t bring myself to give it up.  Again, the whole “nostalgic value” thing.

I have some issues with my organization though.  For one thing, the little plastic boxes I keep my earrings and charms in are broken or too small.  I’d like to be able to keep all like things together, no matter the size.  It’s hard, because things are varied and maybe I’m getting more jewelry than can actually fit in this box… (And I have plans to get more LE GASP)

How can I organize my jewelry without giving the cat ready access and never seeing any of it again?  How can I do that and separate parts out?  How can I do that and still keep it in a relatively small space so that it will fit on my dresser (which is pretty much the only place in my house that I have room for it because we live in a small house)?  Tell me how you do it, give me ideas!  And maybe Megan and Adrien can do their own jewelry posts…?


2 Responses to “The Unauthorized How I Organize My Junk – Jewelry”

  1. Megan October 31, 2012 at 9:03 am #

    I don’t know if I have any solutions for you because I have a box similar to yours (which I got at Disneyland, btw, so is that where you got yours?) and then I hang my necklaces on hooks (basically cat bait). I can do a post sometime though…

  2. janeite42 November 1, 2012 at 10:52 am #

    It sounds like you need a jewelry box, or at least a box, with compartments. Project: you could make one out of an egg carton!

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