14 Nov

It’s really cold outside.  And shocker I wore makeup today (although you can’ tell), and it’s not a Sunday (I know, I must’ve been body snatched)!

I love green.

Cardigan: Old Navy, Scarf: Old Navy, Shirt: Target, Cords: Gap
Good grief, we’re all a walking Gap-Company ad!

Not only is green my favorite color, but I feel like I look pretty good in it when my hair looks redder.  I have a wishlist of green things I wish I could add to my wardrobe.  But I can’t have them, so I’m inspired to keep my eyes peeled wherever I go to attain similar items that will make me happy.

1. A green skirt

I would love a maxi skirt especially…can you imagine all that awesome green fabric swirling around you when you walk?


Or a minty-green pencil skirt.  You know, I actually have a dark green (hymn-book green as Sam calls it) wool pencil skirt that  I refashioned.  I should wear it sometime and post on here…

From perfectionpossibilities.blogspot.com

2.  A green dress.  Any will do.  Both of these dresses have elements that I like, and things I don’t like.  I have yet to find the perfect green dress.

Awesome pattern, too.

Lace + belt

3.  Green pants??

I find them interesting.  Could I pull them off?

From classygirlswearpearls.com

4.  A green blazer.

I have a green coat (although it’s so old it’s turning yellow in places…gross), but I think a turquoisey-green blazer would be sleek and cute.


By the way, all these are from my Pinterest board, if you want to see links for the ones I didn’t credit.


3 Responses to “Envious”

  1. LP November 16, 2012 at 10:55 am #

    Green pants scream “1970s” to me. But I guess styles go in cycles.

  2. Megan November 18, 2012 at 6:57 pm #

    I’ve been wanting an emerald green dress, myself. And you do look lovely in green!

  3. katie November 25, 2012 at 5:26 pm #

    i have a kelly green maxi dress from old navy. i really like it. and i have a green skirt i got from…. delias? i’m not sure. it was a while ago that i got them. but, you could look and see if old navy still has green maxi dresses.

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