29 Oct

Sometimes, you want something too expensive. Sometimes, you have to settle for second-best. Sometimes that’s not a bad thing because it builds your character and maybe teaches you a lesson on … Various things.

I really wanted this shirt from J. Crew.


I couldn’t afford it.

Then I saw this shirt on


I could afford that one. I looked in the store twice because I hate to pay shipping, but I bought it online because it wasn’t there. Oh stupid me, I should have waited a week or two because it wasn’t long after that they had a free-shipping-on-any-amount special. Oh well, I’m not a psychic. All told, it was about $20. Worth it? That remains to be seen. I like it alright, but I wish the lace part fit better. So far I think this is a $5 dollar shirt, shipping included. I’m hoping it will prove it’s worth soon. Anyway, it’s not like I can go back in time and ask for the $58 one for Christmas or something, as it’s sold out now. Besides, there are other things I want more for Christmas. Outrageous things, like money for traveling and sprucing up my house.

Anyway, have I learned a lesson here? Possibly. Will I need to learn it again in the future? Probably.

Anyway, here’s one way I’ve worn it.



2 Responses to “Settling”

  1. Shannon October 29, 2012 at 4:28 pm #

    Well I like it. Maybe more than the J Crew one? Although I guess you usually trade price for quality. Hm… well, if you decide you just hate it a lot, think of me 😉 Or maybe I can just ask to borrow it sometime and stop being creepy about it.

  2. janeite42 November 1, 2012 at 10:46 am #

    I think it looks very nice on you. How do you mean the lace should fit better?

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