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18 Nov


So I suppose it’s no secret to those who know me that I wish I could dress like a professor (or farmer or fisherman) in 1930s England. I love men’s leather shoes (especially wingtips), wool/tweed, glasses and leather satchels. Honestly I love a lot of men’s fashions but it doesn’t always translate well to my feminine form so I try to take part where I can. That’s one reason why I like this wool button skirt. I’ll admit it fit better when my waistline was thinner, but I’ll take the trade-off. 🙂


Also my hair is driving me crazy. I think I want bangs again, but does anybody have any ideas for haircuts? I’ve been thinking about going kinda short, honestly, but I know Jared’s not a big fan. My reasoning is that it’ll grow out eventually if it doesn’t look good, but I’ll admit it makes me a little nervous.

And Shannon’s in Italy on her delayed honeymoon! I’m kinda jealous… I hope she takes a ton of pictures. 🙂



29 Oct

Sometimes, you want something too expensive. Sometimes, you have to settle for second-best. Sometimes that’s not a bad thing because it builds your character and maybe teaches you a lesson on … Various things.

I really wanted this shirt from J. Crew.


I couldn’t afford it.

Then I saw this shirt on


I could afford that one. I looked in the store twice because I hate to pay shipping, but I bought it online because it wasn’t there. Oh stupid me, I should have waited a week or two because it wasn’t long after that they had a free-shipping-on-any-amount special. Oh well, I’m not a psychic. All told, it was about $20. Worth it? That remains to be seen. I like it alright, but I wish the lace part fit better. So far I think this is a $5 dollar shirt, shipping included. I’m hoping it will prove it’s worth soon. Anyway, it’s not like I can go back in time and ask for the $58 one for Christmas or something, as it’s sold out now. Besides, there are other things I want more for Christmas. Outrageous things, like money for traveling and sprucing up my house.

Anyway, have I learned a lesson here? Possibly. Will I need to learn it again in the future? Probably.

Anyway, here’s one way I’ve worn it.


Summer recap, part 2

25 Oct

This is actually the last part because I changed my mind about posting the third one, as entertaining as it wasn’t.

It’s just jeans and a t-shirt, but I love the neckline of this t-shirt. My collarbones, neck and back are some of my favorite features and it shows off a couple of those nicely, I think. No shoes again, cause really, I have two pairs of sandals but I seriously don’t wear them or any shoes in the house. If we had wood floors I might wear sticky-bottomed socks (like the pair that came with my Forever Lazy, hehe) in the winter, but that’s it. Oh! Or the regular socks, because those would be excellent for dancing. Ahem.


Anyway, remember a few months/posts back when I talked about the billion updos I was going to do this summer? I mostly did a topknot all the time, but occasionally I did something fancier, like this.


Summer Recap, part 1

23 Oct

There were a few outfits I took pictures of last summer (feels so wrong to say that already) that I never blogged but since my seesters are blogging again persnaps I will too!

Anyway, first up I want to remind you that my style is veering towards more boring simple kinds of things, so I hope this stuff doesn’t make you yawn. Regardless, it’s what I like, and I’ve noticed I’ve been returning to what I liked as a kid and a teenager, just hopefully more modern, grown-up versions. And while I’d really like to take quality over quantity, and will when I can, my budget still doesn’t allow for much leeway so I’ve just been learning to restrain myself and buy the slightly nicer shirt on clearance for $10 as opposed to the $4 thrift store shirt that has a nice color but is constructed poorly of a flimsy material. That and I’m trying not buy two $6 dollar shirts when one will do just fine. Sooo… Yeah. Small, small budget, but hopefully more discerning. I’m trying to really pay attention to fit more, too, and that isn’t always as simple as I had hoped it would be. There will be hits and misses on the blog, just as there were in the past, but now hopefully I’ll see what pieces are mistakes and either fix them or toss them.

Anyway, boring speech over, on to the boring outfit!


Ta da!



26 Aug

I’m pretty much always shoeless in the house. But I don’t always wear black jeans and a silk shirt… Wow that sounds so… Lounge singer-y. I hope it doesn’t look like that, unless it’s in a good way, of course.


I wore this … Twice last week. Maybe three times. Maybe. You have to understand that each of those were brief stints adding up to one day, so don’t judge. Or do, whatever you like.


I’m tired. Good night! 🙂


19 Aug


I wore this on Sunday, and I admit, there isn’t really a good way to take a picture of this outfit without a professional photographer, a better model, and excellent lighting. The best way to see it would probably be in a video, because the clothes look better with movement.

Anyway, I like this for two reasons: it’s seriously comfortable and it’s pretty simple in its lines.

I should try getting some better pictures of my grandpa, who is the man behind me. I have a few pretty good ones, but they’re at least a couple of years old. That man is one of my great role models – he is the picture of niceness, always serving, loving, and full of patience. He’s not an angel but he certainly seems like it to me! I love my grandpa very much and it was great to see him and other family members last night. Ok I can’t find a good picture of him online to repost here, and I’m not on my computer… Another time I will!

I’m going to be doing this this week:


Have you heard about it? Do you think you’re up for the challenge?

How I Organize My Junk – part 1 – Makeup

25 Jul


So I feel like laughing at myself for that title, since I am rarely organized. However, I have found that amidst the chaos, there are a few things that, once they work, they stick. And that’s what I’m going to share here.


I don’t have a lot of makeup (I don’t wear it often), so this first part is easy. I basically keep all my makeup (except the powder, because it’s broken and I don’t want to make a mess) in this little glass bowl that I found in my grandma’s dresser when I inherited it. She used to keep her shell collection in it but I’d like to find a curio shelf and display some of them that way. Oh tangents. Anyway, I like to clean the makeup residue off of everything sometimes and it stays pretty clean. I’ve just kept the stuff in the bowl on this shelf for… I don’t know, a couple of months now? If I need to go on a trip or do my makeup in the car or something, I put what I’m actually using in a Sonia Kashuk makeup bag I got at Target a few years ago.


Well, that’s it! How do you guys organize your makeup?


14 Jul


My dad always wears these gigantic flannel shirts, especially in place of a light jacket or sweater. I used to steal his when I got cold, especially when I had to go water the plants when it started to get darker and cooler because I’d procrastinated the entire afternoon.


I got this flannel shirt at a thrift store and made it a little slimmer before a camping trip last month – one of the few sewing projects I’ve actually finished these days.


Anyway, it was rainy and cooler today, and when I went thrift shopping today with a friend, I wore my trench coat and black oxfords. Then I got home and popped on this shirt instead. …Also, here’s what I got today. (Those are white leather keds! For $1!)



9 Jul

I’ve just been wearing t-shirts and jeans or a maxi skirt, if it’s really hot, lately. None too exciting, but it’s summer and that’s not really my favorite season, fashion-wise. So it doesn’t matter! Also I’ve felt oddly over-done with accessories the past several months to a year. So much so that it’s probably more of a style-shift than a phase, I’m guessing. I’m pretty content with the friendship bracelet I made about a month or two ago to add a little interest for now. Yes, I am friends with myself. Anyway, my kids are trying not to get burned up by lava and it’s getting noisy do I’d better go make lunch!

Yes, that’s a bathroom shot. Sorry about that.

Another day, another bun.

13 Jun

I put my hair up a lot.  Not all the time, but definitely at least 4 days out of the week.  The frequency only increases when the temperatures rise, so if I keep blogging here, you’re going to be seeing a lot of up-dos.  Hopefully I can keep it interesting.

Clutter? What clutter?