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Three for October

7 Nov

I pretty much wear very similar things from day to day, especially when the weather starts cooling off.  This generally consists of a shirt and cardigan or sweater, scarf, skinny jeans, and flats or boots.  It doesn’t make for the most interesting blog posts, but I will persevere (and I guess you will too).

Here’s three outfits I wore during October that are a little different from the norm (ok so the first one isn’t really different but I like it anyway):

shirt: old navy; cardigan: shade; pants: gap; sandals: target

dress: h&m; cardigan: old navy; boots: lucky

shirt: old navy; capris: gap; wedges: volatile

Also…nothing has changed.  Apparently my clothes are all still from Gap and Old Navy.  Whatever, I like them, deal with it.

A bonus (because it was so comfortable):

shirt: eric’s from american eagle; scarf: h&m; jeans: gap; flats: old navy



30 Oct

Tomorrow is Halloween…obv. So here’s my pre-Halloween outfit with fall colors and orange and black. Yaaaayy. It’s also kind of an awkward time of year weather-wise: this morning it was in the mid-30s and by afternoon it felt like 70. How to dress for this weather? It’s a challenge I tell you.


These pictures look weird with no head.

Old Man

26 Oct

I have loafers (smoking slippers? I don’t know what the term is) that look like something an old man would wear around the house. And the fact that they are leopard print makes me feel a bit like Hugh Hefner or something. I sort of love them and I sort of hate them but I like to wear them anyway because they make my outfit a little less boring.



shirt and sweater: old navy; jeans: gap; shoes: steve madden


23 Oct

As in, Shannon has inspired me to post again.  If she can do it, I can do it.

I’ve also been using the Cloth app that Shannon mentioned a few posts ago.  I’ve been taking headless mirror shots of myself for the past couple of months, mainly as a way to track my wardrobe and try to make myself be a little more interesting.  I know right away if I don’t like what I’m wearing since I take pictures each morning (instead of at night like I used to do when I was posting regularly on this blog).

I stopped posting here because I felt I’d accomplished what I set out to do with my contributions to this blog.  My main goal when I started was to figure out what I liked and what I felt comfortable in.  I think I am generally to that point.  I know more or less what I will or won’t like when I’m shopping, and I know what shapes and proportions generally work for me.  But I felt like as a result of posting here and making what I was wearing (somewhat) public, I was putting pressure on myself to always look for new things, which led to me buying more clothes than I ever had…and not even necessarily clothes that I really wanted.  I bought new things just for the sake of having new things.

I think I’ve gotten past that point after taking a break from this blog for a little over a year.  I obviously still buy clothes because I like to, but when I do now, it’s because I really like them and I really want them.  No more buying for the sake of having new things to put on the blog!

Anyway, where was I? My goal for posting this time around is to try to post two to three times a week (and probably none of the new pictures will include my head, at least for now, since I’ll be taking them on my phone in the morning before I leave for wherever I’m going).  I’m not going to try to overdo it since I only want to post things that are interesting and that I really like.  I’ll keep the boring outfits to myself, haha.

Alright.  Here’s what I wore to church on Sunday.  I’m glad the weather has cooled down enough for me to be comfortable in long sleeves and layers again.

top: forever 21; skirt: banana republic; shoes: enzo angiolini; necklace: h&m

black on black (on black)

14 Jun

Literally. My supervisor at work even commented on the amount of black I was wearing. It just felt right when I was getting dressed this morning. Although I didn’t notice until today how much color people wear around here. Also these leopard shoes are getting kind of gross.  Time for some new ones!

top: gap; capris: gap; flats: old navy; belt: forever 21; earrings: forever 21

For those of you that wanted to see the “environs” of where currently am – here’s the view out my window (and my really messy bed…no one else sees it so I don’t really care):


far and away

13 Jun

So while Megan has been growing a baby (she’ll be here so soon! – at least I hope) and Shannon has been digging her life away, I’ve been out in DC doing an internship all by my lonesome. Well, I’ve been out here for 2 weeks anyway. It feels like a lot longer than that though.  Anyway, the reason I haven’t posted at all until now is because of this:

except add maybe 5-10 degrees for the high for each of these days...

Seriously, one of the days last week it got up to 103 degrees. Ugh. Anyway. So I haven’t posted because when I get home after work I am covered in sweat and it’s disgusting and the only thing I want to do is take off as much clothing as possible and park myself in front of the air conditioner for a while.

Today has been the first day since I’ve been here that it has been a reasonable temperature (i.e. I don’t want to die when I step outside) – it’s maybe 80.

Cut to the chase…here’s an outfit picture! Sorry it’s not very exciting and my hair is kind of wonky:

shirt: old navy; cardigan: jcrew; skirt: nordstrom rack; flats: anne klein; necklace: h&m

Mom and Dad are coming to visit this weekend! That will be only the second time in 3 weeks that I will play tourist since I’ve been out here. It’s kind of boring to go sightseeing by myself.  Instead, most of the time I’ve been here has been spent with these people:

Don’t judge.

oh, the cleverness of me

17 May

top: old navy; cardigan: gap; skirt: forever 21; boots: steve madden; necklace: h&m; headband: from megan

I wanted to wear this outfit with a yellow cardigan instead of grey but when I went to get dressed this morning my yellow cardigan was on the floor. Apparently dirty. Sad face.

Also, I’m really smart and here’s why. This skirt is being sold at Forever 21 as a top. Like so:

But when I saw it at the store the first thing I thought was “Yes! Knee length skirt!! And for only $10!”

Which is why I bought it.

Also I don’t think it would be flattering as a top on anyone that weighs more than that model. But that’s just my opinion. And just another reason why this article of clothing is better as a skirt.

no good ideas

13 May

shirt: gap; jeans: gap; sandals: forever 21; earrings: forever 21

Maybe I should start a new blog where I show you all the clothes and accessories I get from Forever 21 and Gap brand stores. Oh wait, that’s this blog already. Hm.

I like the color combination of the turquoise earrings with the salmon-colored shirt. Pretty. Yes.


Haters gonna hate

5 May

top: old navy; jeans: gap; scarf: self-made; belt: forever 21; layopard flats: old navy

I went over to Megan’s on Monday and we got semi-crafty. As in I used a sewing machine for maybe the second time in my life and made this scarf. Well, Megan finished it when I got scared I would mess up the seam, but whatev. I mostly made it. And it cost like $10 for the fabric (which maybe sounds expensive, but I really wanted this fabric and I really wanted a scarf like this, which sells for upwards of $20-30 everywhere else I have seen it. So there).

Also, I love when Megan makes drafts of posts for me because she puts hilarious titles and comments in the post. The title of which I am leaving. I have no idea why she put “haters gonna hate” but I think it’s really funny.

i am the walrus

7 Apr

top: nordstrom; vest: forever 21 ($9); pants: gap ($8); boots: secondhand; belt: forever 21; earrings: forever 21

I’ve been around, just not here.

I went to Sacramento for a conference and was surprised that people were actually well-dressed. No one ever accused archaeologists of being fashionable…

Also there is a thunderstorm outside and I love it I do.