a wedding and my birthday

14 Sep

My sister-in-law got married last Friday!  She looked so beautiful and I was so glad we were able to see her and her husband’s happiness and be part of their special day.

my husband and his sister

And since this is a sort of fashion-y blog, here are my outfit details (plus my cute girl making a face that kinda cracks me up):

dress: borrowed from Adrien; jacket: Target; necklace: was Grandmother's; shoes: thrifted

Anyway if you’re interested in seeing some better pictures of Aubrie and Landen, you can visit Landen’s sister’s blog and see some of their engagement and bridal/formal pictures.  She’s a great photographer and I wish she’d been working when Jared and I got married (or that I’d even known about her, in case she happened to be working when she was 14… ha!).

I turned 25 last Friday, too.  Happy Birthday to me!  Part of my original Life Plan (yep, I was one of those) was to start a serious relationship around the time I turned 25, get married a year or two after that, and have kids about year or two after that.  How differently things turned out!  I’m very happy with my life, but I think that old plan is why I feel more “legit” every time I have a birthday.  Anyway, I’m glad things didn’t work out how I planned, because if they had, I wouldn’t have this guy:

…or these guys:


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