The Unauthorized How I Organize My Junk – Jewelry

29 Oct

So I guess I’m kind of stealing Megan’s idea, but hey, it’s all good, let’s just pretend like this was planned.  I was going to do my own makeup organization post until I realized it was always just stuck in a bag, then I read Meg’s post and realized I had an extra jar, so I threw the stuff I wear on Sundays (pretty much the only time I wear makeup) into it and it is now sitting on the bathroom counter.  BUT I couldn’t really post about that because it is the same as Megan’s and therefore boring.  Thus, I decided on a jewelry post.  Here it is.

As you’ve probably noticed by now, I don’t have a lot of jewelry. I guess I have kind of a minimalist approach when it comes to that, although I think the reason for that is twofold: first of all, I think it’s been established that I don’t have tons of money to spend on clothes. Therefore, when I do go shopping, buying accessories (particularly jewelry) is low on my list and I usually don’t end up getting anything I like. Secondly, I think I look kind of ridiculous in it. I think it makes me look unbalanced and/or awkward. Either that or a say it gives me a headache (like necklaces). Who knows if it really does.

Anyway, needless to say, my jewelry collection is quite small. I think I should get rid of some of the stuff I have but don’t really like or wear to make room for any new pieces I wanted.

As it is, here’s the setup:

I keep it in this box. I don’t know where I got this box, but I love it.

When you open the box, the first thing you see is my giant necklace. I don’t really like that, but that’s how it is.

Under that, you can see that I put necklaces, rings, and a pair of big earrings I haven’t worn yet because I don’t know what to wear them with, but keep for nostalgic value in there willy-nilly. In those two clear boxes I have the rest of my earrings and charms for a bracelet I never wear.

About that bracelet… I kind of love elements of it, and I actually used to wear it a lot once upon a time, but then the anchor kept getting hooked on things and bending out of shape and, well… And I have all these charms that could go on it, but I don’t know, I don’t like all of them.  Most of them I got in church so they are weird ones like a cheesy family tree and whatnot.  Maybe wearing charm bracelets just isn’t my thing. But I can’t bring myself to give it up.  Again, the whole “nostalgic value” thing.

I have some issues with my organization though.  For one thing, the little plastic boxes I keep my earrings and charms in are broken or too small.  I’d like to be able to keep all like things together, no matter the size.  It’s hard, because things are varied and maybe I’m getting more jewelry than can actually fit in this box… (And I have plans to get more LE GASP)

How can I organize my jewelry without giving the cat ready access and never seeing any of it again?  How can I do that and separate parts out?  How can I do that and still keep it in a relatively small space so that it will fit on my dresser (which is pretty much the only place in my house that I have room for it because we live in a small house)?  Tell me how you do it, give me ideas!  And maybe Megan and Adrien can do their own jewelry posts…?



29 Oct

Sometimes, you want something too expensive. Sometimes, you have to settle for second-best. Sometimes that’s not a bad thing because it builds your character and maybe teaches you a lesson on … Various things.

I really wanted this shirt from J. Crew.


I couldn’t afford it.

Then I saw this shirt on


I could afford that one. I looked in the store twice because I hate to pay shipping, but I bought it online because it wasn’t there. Oh stupid me, I should have waited a week or two because it wasn’t long after that they had a free-shipping-on-any-amount special. Oh well, I’m not a psychic. All told, it was about $20. Worth it? That remains to be seen. I like it alright, but I wish the lace part fit better. So far I think this is a $5 dollar shirt, shipping included. I’m hoping it will prove it’s worth soon. Anyway, it’s not like I can go back in time and ask for the $58 one for Christmas or something, as it’s sold out now. Besides, there are other things I want more for Christmas. Outrageous things, like money for traveling and sprucing up my house.

Anyway, have I learned a lesson here? Possibly. Will I need to learn it again in the future? Probably.

Anyway, here’s one way I’ve worn it.


An Oldie

28 Oct

Megan mentioned once or twice I think (a while ago) that I’d refashioned a few skirts and that she hoped I’d post about them.  Aaaaand I never did.  But now, here’s one of them!  Anyway, this skirt (if you can’t tell) is like a light yellow linen/cotton/something longish tulip skirt.  It was boring and had a creepy stretchy waist, but I liked the material and I liked the color, so I went to Joann’s and got a cloth…thing.  Tape?  Liner?  Hem?  Strip? and attached it to the top.  Anyway, it reminded me of  those old guitar/camera straps.   And after hemming in the skirt a bit (it was a little too wide), the hem was raised a bit (before it came to mid-calf on me), and la di da!

Necklace: F21, Shirt: Old Navy, Skirt: DI refashion, Shoes: Target

Oh look, I found an ancient “before” picture:

And now for a detail shot, but of course:

teh deets

Plaid and Stripes

26 Oct

Today I had a breakthrough (maybe)!  I was going to wear something boring, and then I thought “NO!  Be brave, young one.  Take heart.”

And so I mixed patterns as well as colors.  The shirt, which you can’t really tell, has peach-colored pin stripe type dealies.  Like maybe if it were the right material it would be seer-sucker.  And the scarf (clearly) is plaid. Of sorts.  TRA LA LA.  I like that I was brave enough not only to mix brighter/whatever colors, but also los patterns woohoo!


Scarf: hand-me-down from Megan, Shirt: Forever 21, Cords: Gap, Boots: Madden Girl

Oh look, and a kitty!  Rubbing my leg.  Here’s a close-up of the shirt stripes in case you were just so curious:


Rikkin-tikkin striped pajamas

Old Man

26 Oct

I have loafers (smoking slippers? I don’t know what the term is) that look like something an old man would wear around the house. And the fact that they are leopard print makes me feel a bit like Hugh Hefner or something. I sort of love them and I sort of hate them but I like to wear them anyway because they make my outfit a little less boring.



shirt and sweater: old navy; jeans: gap; shoes: steve madden

Summer recap, part 2

25 Oct

This is actually the last part because I changed my mind about posting the third one, as entertaining as it wasn’t.

It’s just jeans and a t-shirt, but I love the neckline of this t-shirt. My collarbones, neck and back are some of my favorite features and it shows off a couple of those nicely, I think. No shoes again, cause really, I have two pairs of sandals but I seriously don’t wear them or any shoes in the house. If we had wood floors I might wear sticky-bottomed socks (like the pair that came with my Forever Lazy, hehe) in the winter, but that’s it. Oh! Or the regular socks, because those would be excellent for dancing. Ahem.


Anyway, remember a few months/posts back when I talked about the billion updos I was going to do this summer? I mostly did a topknot all the time, but occasionally I did something fancier, like this.


Misty Mountains

24 Oct

It is very cold today.  The mountains are all shrouded and probably getting a snowy makeover underneath all those misty clouds.  It’s very pretty.  But, like I said, cold.

This is the first time I’ve worn a biggish scarf this season (not counting last week when I was working in the field and needed my…kiffra? Is that what they’re called?  Probably not.).  Also I love the color, because turquoise is just plain awesome!

Scarf: some boutique place (gift), Shirt: Gap, Jeans: Target, Boots: Target

I wore my gnome coat too.  It’s a gray cropped peacoat I originally bought for my wedding (oh that’s right…I got married since I was last active on the blog) that makes me look like a gnome when I put the hood on…which I did today, because it was raining.  Allow me to be candid (or creepy, your choice):

Coat: Delias, Creepy face: blame it on my parents?

Summer Recap, part 1

23 Oct

There were a few outfits I took pictures of last summer (feels so wrong to say that already) that I never blogged but since my seesters are blogging again persnaps I will too!

Anyway, first up I want to remind you that my style is veering towards more boring simple kinds of things, so I hope this stuff doesn’t make you yawn. Regardless, it’s what I like, and I’ve noticed I’ve been returning to what I liked as a kid and a teenager, just hopefully more modern, grown-up versions. And while I’d really like to take quality over quantity, and will when I can, my budget still doesn’t allow for much leeway so I’ve just been learning to restrain myself and buy the slightly nicer shirt on clearance for $10 as opposed to the $4 thrift store shirt that has a nice color but is constructed poorly of a flimsy material. That and I’m trying not buy two $6 dollar shirts when one will do just fine. Sooo… Yeah. Small, small budget, but hopefully more discerning. I’m trying to really pay attention to fit more, too, and that isn’t always as simple as I had hoped it would be. There will be hits and misses on the blog, just as there were in the past, but now hopefully I’ll see what pieces are mistakes and either fix them or toss them.

Anyway, boring speech over, on to the boring outfit!


Ta da!



23 Oct

As in, Shannon has inspired me to post again.  If she can do it, I can do it.

I’ve also been using the Cloth app that Shannon mentioned a few posts ago.  I’ve been taking headless mirror shots of myself for the past couple of months, mainly as a way to track my wardrobe and try to make myself be a little more interesting.  I know right away if I don’t like what I’m wearing since I take pictures each morning (instead of at night like I used to do when I was posting regularly on this blog).

I stopped posting here because I felt I’d accomplished what I set out to do with my contributions to this blog.  My main goal when I started was to figure out what I liked and what I felt comfortable in.  I think I am generally to that point.  I know more or less what I will or won’t like when I’m shopping, and I know what shapes and proportions generally work for me.  But I felt like as a result of posting here and making what I was wearing (somewhat) public, I was putting pressure on myself to always look for new things, which led to me buying more clothes than I ever had…and not even necessarily clothes that I really wanted.  I bought new things just for the sake of having new things.

I think I’ve gotten past that point after taking a break from this blog for a little over a year.  I obviously still buy clothes because I like to, but when I do now, it’s because I really like them and I really want them.  No more buying for the sake of having new things to put on the blog!

Anyway, where was I? My goal for posting this time around is to try to post two to three times a week (and probably none of the new pictures will include my head, at least for now, since I’ll be taking them on my phone in the morning before I leave for wherever I’m going).  I’m not going to try to overdo it since I only want to post things that are interesting and that I really like.  I’ll keep the boring outfits to myself, haha.

Alright.  Here’s what I wore to church on Sunday.  I’m glad the weather has cooled down enough for me to be comfortable in long sleeves and layers again.

top: forever 21; skirt: banana republic; shoes: enzo angiolini; necklace: h&m


A Lesson in Refashioning

23 Oct

Maybe this post is more about bravery.  We’ll see.

I am a weird size.  I’m pretty thin (not like 00 thin, but you know), but I’m also tall.  As in shirt sleeves and torso lengths very rarely reach the lengths they should on me.  And dresses meant to hit the knee sit a few inches above it.  So after a while, when I realized I couldn’t live on mere hand-me-downs from other tall sisters, I decided to explore refashioning.  I’ve done a few refashions before that I think I featured on here (I made like 3 or 4 skirts).  Anyway, a while ago I was at DI poking around, and I noticed a white linen skirt that was hideous and stained from the knees down.  There was also a large weird-looking 70s-print shirt.  I kind of loved the idea of a white (it’s actually more cream I guess) linen skirt, and for some reason I was drawn to that shirt.


A closer look at the pattern: potentially freaky, potentially fun!

So I brought in the shirt and spent a long time working on that skirt.  It needed the gross parts removed, it needed rehemming, and it needed to be brought in without bunching the liner.  Somehow I was able to accomplish it all, and the resulting outfit, in my opinion, looked great.

The lesson here is about being brave in trying new things.  Keep your eyes open when looking for things to alter for yourself if you’re looking at a thrift store.  The shirt and skirt together cost me $8 total.  Don’t see things as they are, but what they could be.

And while I certainly don’t want my whole wardrobe to be composed of refashions, it’s really nice to be able to have something that fits me once in a while that I didn’t have to sell my unborn children to get.


Cardigan: Shade, Shirt: DI (refashion), Skirt: DI (refashion), Pumps: Charlotte Russe