Goats, Goats, Casting Votes

6 Nov



Casting votes with some stoats

Actually, this picture is deceptive.  I didn’t vote today.  I voted like two weeks ago.  But because I always do mail-in ballots (still registered in California…I refuse to become a Utah resident before it becomes absolutely necessary), I never ever get a sticker.  Sad face.  So Sam gave me his.  He voted today.  It was a weensy bit of a fiasco.  Anyway.

Today I feel kind of like a fisherman.  That feeling was accentuated when I had the black galoshes.  With pink…maybe I feel a little less like I’m dressed up for career day.


Sweater: Gap, Belt: JCrew, Jeans: Hudsons from Loehman’s, Boots: Target

I’m listening to Major Minus.  And finishing preparations for Itly.  I-TA-LY.  Yes, as in there’s a snail in your ear (Megan).  Ten more days!


One Response to “Goats, Goats, Casting Votes”

  1. LP November 6, 2012 at 11:09 am #

    Cute outfit. I remember dressing more or less like this back in the day, but without pink boots.

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