Plaid and Stripes

26 Oct

Today I had a breakthrough (maybe)!  I was going to wear something boring, and then I thought “NO!  Be brave, young one.  Take heart.”

And so I mixed patterns as well as colors.  The shirt, which you can’t really tell, has peach-colored pin stripe type dealies.  Like maybe if it were the right material it would be seer-sucker.  And the scarf (clearly) is plaid. Of sorts.  TRA LA LA.  I like that I was brave enough not only to mix brighter/whatever colors, but also los patterns woohoo!


Scarf: hand-me-down from Megan, Shirt: Forever 21, Cords: Gap, Boots: Madden Girl

Oh look, and a kitty!  Rubbing my leg.  Here’s a close-up of the shirt stripes in case you were just so curious:


Rikkin-tikkin striped pajamas


One Response to “Plaid and Stripes”

  1. LP October 27, 2012 at 11:10 am #

    It works because the colors complement each other and because the pattern on the striped shirt isn’t calling out for attention. So you don’t look like some old golfer from the 1970s.

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