Summer recap, part 2

25 Oct

This is actually the last part because I changed my mind about posting the third one, as entertaining as it wasn’t.

It’s just jeans and a t-shirt, but I love the neckline of this t-shirt. My collarbones, neck and back are some of my favorite features and it shows off a couple of those nicely, I think. No shoes again, cause really, I have two pairs of sandals but I seriously don’t wear them or any shoes in the house. If we had wood floors I might wear sticky-bottomed socks (like the pair that came with my Forever Lazy, hehe) in the winter, but that’s it. Oh! Or the regular socks, because those would be excellent for dancing. Ahem.


Anyway, remember a few months/posts back when I talked about the billion updos I was going to do this summer? I mostly did a topknot all the time, but occasionally I did something fancier, like this.



One Response to “Summer recap, part 2”

  1. shannon October 25, 2012 at 10:33 am #

    teach me how to siiiiiiiing like yooooooou!!!
    is that a line? I think it is. maybe from whose line, so nobody knows it but me 😦
    what I mean is, teach me how to do haaaaaaair like yoooooou!!!

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