Mr Wellington

23 Oct

My trusty black boots died.  Actually, they were just a little tight to begin with and didn’t have very good ventilation.  Like it was getting to the point that I didn’t want to remove my shoes in public.  I got another pair for practically free at Bed, Bath & Beyond (what?), but they cracked after only a couple of months (something I discovered when I was standing in an 8-inch deep puddle no less).  Fortunately, summer came around, and hardly anyone needs galoshes in summer (well, for practical use).  But then recently, I discovered these bright pink beauties at Tarjay for $8.50!!  So I bought them.  Because.  Even though I’m pretty sure no one takes anyone wearing pink wellies seriously.


Blazer: Gap, Shirt: self-screenprinted from WalMart, Cords: Gap, Boots: Target


2 Responses to “Mr Wellington”

  1. Megan October 23, 2012 at 3:51 pm #

    I will always take pink wellies seriously. I think you might be thinking of who is in them, and yes, it’s often a 3 year old girl with uninformed opinions, who you would possibly not take seriously if she were talking about the presidential election (although if she’s talking about My Little Ponies, you’d better be taking her seriously), but if it’s an adult then you would probably take them seriously. I mean, everybody can wear pink wellies. Even babies can wear pink wellies, I mean they can’t wear pink wellies. Is that you, Georgia?

  2. LP October 24, 2012 at 2:20 am #

    For such a price, you should get more than one pair! Did they come in a variety of colors?

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