Breaking News!

23 Oct


Also, I had a revelation.  Since we started this blog what…almost three years ago? I’ve kind of improved in learning and expressing my sense of style.  Usually I have the mindset of “OOOH that is something I would wear!  But I can’t afford it.  So I’ll wear holey shirts and ancient jeans every day of the week.”  And obviously sometimes I slip back into that mindset.

And then I discovered this app called “Cloth.”  Maybe you use it.  Maybe you don’t.  Look it up.  Anyway, I started using it with huge excitement, thinking “Yay I can start dressing nice again and it’ll be like the blog only I can still be lazy and not have to get on the internet and tinker around with wordpress, which I don’t remember my password to anyway!” But then three days of using the app passed and I realized I didn’t like it because I don’t get to share it with anyone.  And how can you improve without feedback?  How can you share ideas without sharing?  It made no sense.  And I realized I like writing too much to avoid participating in a blog when I can help it.  And maybe I just felt bad that Megan has been continuing this project all on her own.

AND SO, without further ado, I’m back!  Well, for this phase I’m in anyway.  But let’s be optimistic!  I have three outfits.  Each will get its own post so it will look like I’m actually worthwhile here.

First: this.

What I like about this is first of all that I love this shirt.  It makes me feel so nautical.  And it’s incredibly comfortable.  I got it at H&M back in March (see? I have been gone a while, haven’t I?).  The skinny jeans are ancient, and the boots are ancient.  Both old favorites, if you recall them.  Comfortable, simple, easy to wear.  At this point it was still kind of warm, hence the absolute lack of accessories.


Shirt: H&M, Jeans: Target, Boots: Madden Girl


One Response to “Breaking News!”

  1. LP October 24, 2012 at 2:19 am #

    What is cloth? And I mean the app. I’m pretty sure I know what cloth really is.

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