Another walking Gap ad

27 Jan

blouse: Gap Maternity; plaid pants: (secondhand) Element; scarf: grandma's

These are just a couple outfits I wore this week doing the usual mom-at-home thing (hence the bare feet).

So I realized I might frequent the Gap Maternity clearance a little too often (like Adrien, I shop Gap, Inc. stores more than I intend to).  The two tops I’m wearing here are ones I bought last year when I was planning for this third pregnancy but I’ve also saved almost all my clothes from past pregnancies so it kind of adds up.

sweater: Gap Maternity; jeans: Gap Maternity

This half-sleeve sweater is one of the things I bought on clearance last year, and I wore it for the first time this week.  It’s clear it’s not big enough for the whole pregnancy, but I do like how long it is right now.


One Response to “Another walking Gap ad”

  1. LP February 1, 2011 at 7:15 pm #

    You got those tops a while ago? Smart. And can I just say here how glad I am to see maternity clothes evolving in the last couple of decades from looking like a tent-maker manufactured them to something approaching normal.

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