more from Sunday

9 Aug

Sunday afternoon/evening is usually the time we hang out with our family.  Usually it’s just us sisters (and anyone else that might be with us: husbands, roommates, kids, etc.) but yesterday we were with our mom at our grandparents’ house and as always, it was a lot of fun.

Shannon was cute, as always.  =)  Thanks for making those potstickers!

blouse: H&M; bermuda shorts: cut off and hemmed trousers ?

Shannon brought one of her roommates over, too.  We found out her aunt used to be our mom’s roommate!  Crazy small world!  Her skirt was really cute, too, so I took a picture of her.  She looks great!

ahhh I have a horrible memory and I can't remember where her skirt is from! Somebody (Shannon?) help me!

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