one scarf, two ways

4 Aug

My sisters and I were fortunate enough to inherit a few things of our grandmother’s to remember her by.  I got a big stack of her piano sheet music that I still want to go through, as well as a few other things like a couple scarves.  I wish I had a picture of her using the scarf I’m featuring today, I’d love to know how she wore it.  So far I’ve come up with two different ways, one outfit is from last Wednesday and the second is from Saturday.

Wednesday at my grandparents’ house (on my mom’s side):

guayabera: borrowed from my husband, bought in Mexico; rolled up skinny jeans: (secondhand) Old Navy; belt: Forever 21; sandals: PacSun ; headscarf: was Grandmother's

Saturday in the back yard:

shirt: (hand-me-up from Adrien) Shade; shorts: hemmed Gap jeans; sandals: secondhand; scarf as cuff: Grandmother's

I know it’s just an object, a simple thing, but I love having something of my grandma’s to wear.  It makes me think of her more, and try to follow the example she set of serving and teaching and perfecting her talents.  Those are definitely things I want to be emulate in my own life.


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