still alive!

3 Jul

Yep, we are.

t-shirt: my husband's, jeans: (secondhand) Old Navy, earrings: Claire's, leather sandals: street market in L.A.

hello toes

I realize it’s been nearly an entire month since any of us blogged, and any excuses I have are pathetic at best.  Can I just say that life has been kind of insane for about a month and leave it at that?  I’m aware of other bloggers who still blog when they’ve got things going on in their lives (um, hi, like every blogger, ever) but I’m clearly not as dedicated.

Also, I’ve been focusing on other interests in my somewhat limited spare time, like music and writing.  It’s been really nice to get back into those things, but I feel like now I can make a place in my life for blogging again.  I’ll try and update more, and also try and catch up on the blogs I normally follow but have been taking a break from.

And I know I’m not writing this to nobody because we had one person view our blog today!  And I know it wasn’t me.  Maybe it was Adrien… ha.


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