Day 4 – London

27 May

Our 4th day of the trip was Sunday so we went to church first, then took advantage of the beautiful parks and free museums that are available in London.

We walked through Kensington Gardens after church.  It was pretty rainy but that didn’t make it any less pretty.  I was kind of excited to see a few things I’d read about in Peter Pan.  Of course we also went to see his statue.  J. M. Barrie asked the people who installed it to have everything as finished as possible before putting it in the gardens so that children would think it appeared by magic.

Adrien: trench: Target, bag: Target, skirt: Shade?, boots: ?; Megan: scarf: Target, faux leather jacket: Forever 21, borrowed from Adrien, shirt: Banana Republic, skirt: secondhand, belt: thrifted, tights: Target, flats: Target; Shannon wearing jacket borrowed from Megan

After we walked through the gardens we went to the Museum of London.  We really enjoyed that museum – it was very informative and had interesting exhibits and displays.  We were kinda sad that parts were closed down for reconstruction, though.

When we left the museum, we went to Leicester Square to look around and check theatre prices for later in the week.

After that Adrien and Shannon explored a little.

Mom and I went to the National Portrait Gallery.

Anyway, somehow we all ended up in Piccadilly Circus, but at different times!

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