Day 3 – London

25 May

On the third day we went to the British Museum.  It was amazing!  I’ll say one thing for Britain’s colonizing days, we’d never have been able to see all these things if they hadn’t taken ancient artifacts from all over the world and put them in one place.  It’s a beautiful collection.  We actually have tons of great pictures so it was difficult to just pick a few pretty ones.

After we visited the museum we ate lunch at a Tas Restaurant nearby.  It was really good and refreshing.  When we finished eating we took the tube over to St. Paul’s Cathedral.

This was the first of our self-guided tours that we did.  Basically each one of us took a few places or landmarks and did enough research to become a minor expert on that place so that we could be our own tour guides.  It was kinda fun and helped us learn a lot more.  Adrien did say we were nerds on our About Us page…  =)  Anyway so I was the expert for St. Paul’s.

We actually got to go to the very top which I hadn’t expected since their website said they were doing construction and wouldn’t be done till about 2011.

When the cathedral closed for services, we just stood in the shelter of the cathedral because it was pouring rain for a while.

Eventually we gave up and made a run for it.  Our flat felt so cozy when we got back!

Since I didn’t put pictures of it before, here’s the building where our flat was (our flat took up the top right space of the building), the kitchen, and the garden that was really just our neighbor’s.  He took good care of it.  We thought it was sweet.

Outfit deets:

jacket: Target, borrowed from Megan, striped sweater: Banana Republic (gift), jeans: Old Navy, shoes: Converse

You can kinda see Shannon’s cute braid in this picture of her in the British Museum.  =)  I also kinda like the skirt the girl in the background is wearing.

scarf: Target, blouse: Old Navy Tall, jeans: Nordstrom Rack?, shoes: ?, bag: Target, earrings: Claire's, trench (shown in group picture): Target

Adrien in front of the British Museum.

hat: Forever 21 (ribbon changed), jacket: Forever 21, borrowed from Adrien, top: Forever 21, trousers: (secondhand) Gap, bag: garage sale from like 15 years ago, shoes: (gift) Converse

Below are pictures of my mom on the steps of St. Paul’s.  The first is a picture she had my aunt take more than 20 years ago when she first came to London.  The second is a retake in about the same place.

We’re following in our mother’s footsteps.

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4 Responses to “Day 3 – London”

  1. Modesty is Pretty May 27, 2010 at 8:33 pm #

    oh ladies you all look so lovely! =)


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