Day 1 – London

30 Apr

So, from the end of April to the beginning of May (2 weeks) we took a trip to England with our mom.  We’d been planning it for over a year and had rented a flat near the Tower Bridge for the entirety of our trip.

The first day was kind of a whirlwind…

The long flight was exhausting (for my part, my intent to get no sleep the night before the flight and then drug myself into slumber with Dramamine so I’d already be accustomed to England time did not go as planned…) and we pretty much hit the ground running, but it really was exciting to finally be in England!

The first thing we did (after we had a little mix-up on the tube and finally got our carry-on luggage to our one room flat) was take a nap.  Just for an hour or so… then we went to Hampstead.

We visited Keats House first.

Then we had an early dinner, and visited the Heath, which was so beautiful.

We really loved it there and you could even see St. Paul’s Cathedral from one of the hills.

it's a little hazy (it is London after all)... but it's there!

Anyway, verdict:  London is awesome.  I mean, this was one of our views walking home every day.  Amazing.

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