from a while ago

14 Dec

I have no idea what day these are actually from, or if they’re even from the same day, but I found them on my camera and Megan is sad when we don’t post pictures.  Mine first, then Shannon’s:

shirt: aerie; jeans: gap; coat: american eagle; shoes: privo; super-awesome octopus necklace: modcloth

shirt: abercrombie and fitch; jacket: thrifted; jeans: old navy; shoes: converse

shirt: abercrombie and fitch(hand-me-down); jeans: old navy; jacket: thrifted; shoes: converse; gloves: forever 21

Shannon was borrowing some movies from me/we had just watched The Village. Yay. And in the background of Shannon’s picture, Eric was pushing a cat with his foot. But I cropped that out. Hah.


One Response to “from a while ago”

  1. Megan December 14, 2009 at 11:03 am #

    Adrien: yay pictures! I want to call it your cephalopod necklace.

    Shannon: I like that you rolled up the sleeves of your jacket. Clever.

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