photo walk

26 Nov

scarf: Old Navy, coat: (gifted) Delia's, jeans: Old Navy, t-shirt: (not seen) American Eagle, shoes: Converse, gloves: Forever 21

I’ve been wanting to take pictures of the fields, cows, and railroad tracks near Megan’s house since I went to live with her for a while in summer of 2008.  I finally got around to it yesterday.  Megan and Adrien helped out.  Adrien took pictures with my fisheye camera and Megan had a digital.  My camera is a 35-mm Nikon FG.  But anyway, since this blog is about fashion (of sorts) and not about photography, I’ll stop.  🙂

So the coat I’m wearing I got like 4 or 5 years ago or something.  I wore it a lot in high school.  It’s starting to get worn down, but I can’t bring myself to ever think about getting rid of it.  Oh well, it’s not used up quite yet.

Um…also, in defense of the weird face I’m making, Megan took the picture before I was ready, as there was a car passing very slowly at the time and giving us weird looks (so of course I had to return the weird look).  Anyway.


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