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1 Nov

white undertee: Down East Outfitters, white wrap sweater: Banana Republic, dress: (thrifted) Forever 21, tights: Target, shoes: (thrifted) Bijou (JC Penney?), headband: Forever 21

This is actually sort of a flashback post, since this picture was taken a week ago in my grandparent’s house.  Also, we didn’t realize the lighting wasn’t that great, sorry!

I don’t think I’ve ever worn this dress without layering a top over it.  I’m thinking I may just turn it into a skirt like I’m going to help Shannon do with a dress of hers.  At least that way it would be a little longer!

I also had this jacket on most of the day… it looks better with it on, I think.

jacket:  (thrifted) Gap

jacket: (thrifted) Gap

Especially with a little pattern peeking out from underneath.  =)014I have a weird face.  Not much to be done.  And I still clearly don’t know what to do with my limbs.

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