London ’10 Trip: Packing Trial!!

9 Oct

Mom, Adrien and Shannon, here’s the packing trial (sorry the pictures aren’t great):

Okay! So I originally wanted to bring the following:

-a dress

-2 pairs of pants

-2 pairs of socks, 1 pair of tights

-6 shirts (4 just for day, 2 for sleeping or day)

-2 jackets (one mac/trench, one short jacket)

-1 pair boots, 1 pair flats

-3 scarves

-3 sets underwear

-1 sweater/turtleneck thing

-toiletries, camera, London moleskine, etc.

This didn’t work out… and I’ll show you why. My test bag was my old, complimentary hospital pump bag that was similar in measurements to the bag (or this one) I plan on purchasing from Forever 21. The only difference is that the length is different from the width, but I think the total inches is the same. Oh, and the pump bag had two side sections, which the F21 bag does not. Not that this matters all that much, but it may have, and I’ll tell you why in a little bit.

K, so here’s the layout of what I originally planned on bringing:DSCN8175

And here’s the bag, if you don’t know what it looks like:DSCN8177

And here’s what I sort of planned on wearing on the plane (a dress, the turtleneck, boots – pretend they’re flat ones instead of death traps, and the trench coat, maybe the tights… depending on the forecast):DSCN8174

I used the bundle method. Here’s my core, consisting of underwear, flats, socks, and scarves:DSCN8178

And here’s the completed bundle. I probably could have done it more tightly and efficiently, but I had to hurry because there was a baby Godzilla trying to smash the project:DSCN8180

It was too long/wide/whatever to fit into the middle section of the pump bag. I think it may have fit into the F21 bag, since that one didn’t have side compartments, though, and it certainly would have fit into a bag like mom’s, an average carry-on. But since I was determined to pack very light, I decided to take out a few things. I took out 2 shirts, a pair of pants and the extra jacket:DSCN8181

And then I put the rest into the middle section of the pump bag. I put toiletries in one side compartment, and the socks, flats and something else… tights? Into the other side compartment. The bulk of the clothes and my underwear went in the middle. It fit, and there was probably room for the guidebook, camera, etc., and maybe a couple of books I would buy while in England, but not quite the extra room I was wanting. I have hopes, though, that the F21 bag will have more room, since it is a one compartment bag, and I think I put in too many toiletries in my trial packing, and I will do a more efficient bundle next time. If you don’t feel like scrolling back up, here is my final resulting packing list:

-1 dress

-1 pair of pants/jeans

-2 socks, 1 tights

-3 scarves (I could probably go down to 2, since scarves are easily shared amongst all of us)

-4 shirts (night and day) and 1 turtleneck (I think this could come in handy for different layering purposes, but I’d still want to bring a cardigan)

-3 sets underwear

-1 trench

-1 pair of flats, 1 pair of boots


Anywho. That’s it! I don’t know how I feel about just bringing 1 pair of pants… it makes me feel like I need more of a safety net. But… if I try really, really hard, maybe I won’t spill on the ones I bring. And if I do, I can wash them, hang them to dry, wear my dress layered with something, and hope my pants are dry by the next day. Also, I’m just going to wear my clothes until I go to bed, and then just take off the pants. I just don’t think I have room for real pajamas. Also, I wish I could pack with a better color scheme like this, but I have way too much black, I think (and absolutely zero cardigans… how did that happen?).  So, what do you guys think? Are your packing lists still the same?


8 Responses to “London ’10 Trip: Packing Trial!!”

  1. katie October 9, 2009 at 6:55 pm #

    so, you’re seriously going to london? when are you going? for some reason i was thinking spring, but then you called it “london’09” which means that it would be sometime in the next couple of months. well, all i can tell you from my experience is that it’s really cold there at the end of march/beginning of april. i wore either my puffy black jacket from carly or my green peacoat the whole time. so, pack warm clothes if you’re going around that time. oh, and gloves are a must if you’re going when it’s cold. my gloves saved my poor, pathetically circulated hands.

  2. LP October 9, 2009 at 8:24 pm #

    I think you should take a second pair of pants. And why don’t you try a slightly bigger bag? Why does it have to be the F21 bag? I haven’t tried packing yet, but I do have a list made up. It’s slightly different from the one I originally had, because I looked at that onebag site and revised it a bit. I’ll send it to londonislondon when I’m done with it.

  3. Megan October 9, 2009 at 8:46 pm #

    Katie – yeah, it looks like it. Oh, and I fixed the title of the post. =P lol. Yeah we’re going for 2 weeks in the end of April till the beginning of May. But I heard it was still pretty cold in the end of May, even though that wasn’t what was forecasted when the chick checked online. I’m just wondering about the rain… was it fine with a peacoat? You didn’t get soaked or anything? British people seem to make such a big deal about the rain, although I did read somewhere online that one American guy’s opinion was that it’s not that bad – British people just think it is. But I have no idea if he was just an idiot or not. =) Thanks for the tips!!

    Mom- I just really wanted to pack light. I think I will end up taking 2 pairs of pants, though. And I just wanted the F21 bag cause it was smallish yet biggish, and quite cheap. I still have plenty of time to look at DI, though. I look forward to your email!

  4. katie October 10, 2009 at 9:07 am #

    ok…now i’m less confused. although i was confused at first when i saw the new title. i thought maybe i read it wrong before, but i was like, “no…it definitely said ’09…” i’m glad you said you changed it. confusion dissolved.
    it may not be as bad then, but we had drippy noses that hurt because it was pretty dang cold. my peacoat was just fine. the rain really wasn’t that bad. i got soaked once, but i wasn’t miserable. i like rain, though. although, i’m pretty sure you and i share the same opinion of rain. anywho, that’s awesome. i’m totally jealous. are you going to just london or other parts, too? who all is going? i gathered that your mom is going. who else?

  5. Megan October 10, 2009 at 4:09 pm #

    Katie – I’m glad to hear that about the rain… now I’m wondering if the peacoat was enough to keep you warm.
    We’re going to London and staying there, but we’ll be taking day trips to Bath, Stonehenge/Salisbury, York, Cambridge, Oxford and Stratford. I think that’s it… My mom, Adrien, Shannon and I are going. For 2 weeks! I won’t bore you with how much that stresses me out… but hey, it’s England. I mean, really.

  6. katie October 14, 2009 at 11:29 am #

    that’s freaking awesome. my peacoat did wonders keeping me warm. i love that thing. my face was freezing a lot of the time, but it’s not like i was about to walk around with a scarf over my face or anything. p.s. bath is cool. i wish i could remember all the places i went. we went to this little town called avebury that had the stones around it like stonehenge, but the stones were smaller (maybe about 8 ft. tall) but it was cool because they put a whole town inside it. so, are you guys renting a car? how would you get around if not? word of advice, remember that the right lane is not the slow lane there….the left is. people were getting so mad at courtney because she was going so slow in the actual fast lane. i guess if we’d thought about it, it would have clicked with us, but i think we were so overwhelmed with disorientation in the car that we didn’t think about that. are you just stressed because of leaving your kids for that long, or is it something else that stresses you out?

  7. Megan October 15, 2009 at 9:12 am #

    ok peacoat = good enough. Excellent. I hope it’s warmer when we go, though. A freezing face doesn’t sound particularly pleasant. But, I’ve lived with it before, not gonna kill me, I suppose. It’s funny, but the only thing that really stands out to me about what you told me about London from before is the black boogers thing. Oh, and the hunting knife incident. Ha… wow. Oh, and I think we’re stopping by Avebury, also! But we’re not driving – we decided to get rail passes. If you have a group of 3 or more that *always* travels together, you can get a bit of a discount, and it’s also cheaper for youth passes. So I’m kinda glad I’m still young enough for that. Yeah I kinda wanted to try the whole driving thing, but it’s probably for the best that we don’t. I know for me and my mom, for instance, we get more stressed out in unfamiliar surroundings. Probably way worse with everything switched! And yes, I’m stressed about leaving the kids and Jared for that long. I know it’s not going to be the end of the world, and that they’d survive just fine without me, but still. Worrying is what I do, apparently.


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