1 Oct
EDIT lacecami pomme cropped cardigan 2ndhandAE jeans oldnavy boots f21-3

cami: Pomme, cardigan: (secondhand) American Eagle, jeans: Old Navy, boots: Forever 21

I was serenading Megan with a beautiful rendition of Smoke on the Water and Golly What a Day (you know…from Robin Hood) and this is my rockstar pose.  I love these boots and have decided to wear them more often with jeans since generally I only wear them with a skirt to church.  I figure now is the best time for boots since it’s cold enough to not be too hot in them, but there’s no ice yet (knock on wood) to slip around on with the non-existent tread.  Anyone seen cute boots like this with tread?


One Response to “famous”

  1. allthisknavery October 3, 2009 at 5:05 pm #

    um. me, again. sorry I’m not a stranger who just happened upon our blog.

    have you tried http://www.modista.com ?

    I think most of them are outside of your price range, but it’s a pretty cool concept.

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